The Dallas Summit was founded in 1989 by several notable women leaders including two of the region’s most well-known feminist leaders, Maura McNeil and Virginia Whitehill, both deceased.  The Women’s Policy Forum in Ft. Worth provided a structural model for forming The Dallas Summit in 1989.  The original By Laws of The Dallas Summit were drafted by Reginia Montoya (member since 1989), the chair of By Laws committee, around a table in the offices of Dr. Sandy Steinbach, also a member since 1989.  Working with Regina were many of the initial members of The Summit many of whom were also the women leaders of the community, two of whom went on to serve as President in the earliest and most formative years:  Dr Suzanne Ahn, widely credited with being the driving force of The Dallas Summit and attorney Louise B. Raggio, the first woman graduate (in 1952) of the SMU School of Law, and a barrier breaker for women not only in Texas, but also in the United States.

The early leaders wisely collected and maintained the earliest records and papers of The Dallas Summit from its founding , and when the DeGolyer Library at SMU founded its Women of the Southwest Archives in 1993, many of The Summit’s  original records  were donated to the special collection and are housed there.  Since 1993 when the collection opened for the public, and at the time of the 25th anniversary celebration of the Archives of Women of the Southwest, (March 2018), many past and current leaders of The Dallas Summit served on the campaign at SMU, “The Ladies of the Southwest”, to help raise $1,000,000 to endow the archivist and curatorial position overseeing this unique collection.  Since 1993 and for years since that time through approximately 2009, the records of The Dallas Summit have annually been donated to SMU for permanent storage as well as use by both researchers and the general public.  Many of the most widely known organizations supporting women have records there including the SMU Women’s Symposium; the Women’s Council; the Women’s Issues Network; the Women’s Center of Dallas; the YWCA (WINGS) and the Dallas Women’s Foundation (now Texas Women’s Foundation).


 2020-2021 Marty Marks
 2019-2020 Anne Leary
 2018-2019 Julie Bleicher
 2017-2018 Diana Dutton


 Carole Ishii
 2015-2016  Vicky Teherani
 2014-2015  Rita Cox 
 2015-2014  Sylvia Sotelo Kidd
 2012-2013  Nancy Fain
 2011-2012  Roslyn Thompson
 2010-2011  Lois Finkelman
 2009-2010  Lynette Payne
 2008-2009  Marcia Page 
 2007-2008  Rebecca Bergstresser 
 2006-2007  Cynthia Gonzalez
 2005-2006  Diane Miles 
 2004-2005  Tegwin Pulley
 2003-2004  Sandy Tinkham
 2002-2003  Patricia Gorman
 2001-2002  Ann Margolin
 2000-2001  Lottye Brodsky
 1999-2000  Delia Reyes
 1998-1999  Mary Evans Sias, Ph.D.
 1997-1998  Lori Palmer
 1996-1997  Martha Tiller
 1995-1996  Carol Duncan Vesey
 1994-1995  Pearl Garza Fracchia
 1993-1994  Patricia B. Meadows
 1992-1993  Ruth Morgan
 1991-1992  Joy Mankoff
 1990-1991  Louis B. Raggio
 1989-1990  Suzanne Ahn, M.D.


Dr. Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse (1998)

Judy Jones (2002)

Dr. Barbara Reagan (2002)

Dr. Suzanne Ahn (2003)

Judge Theo Bedard (2011)

Louise Raggio (2011)

Susan Stahl (2011)

Julia Sweeney (2011)

Catherine Doyle (2011)

Ann Minnis (2011)

Vivian Castleberry (2017)

Virginia Whitehill (2018)

Barbara Cambridge (2020)

Karen Blumenthal (2020)

Ruth Morgan (2021)

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