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Mission Statement

To provide a forum for purpose-driven women leaders to come together to learn and engage with one another and other leaders about issues important to women in our community.


The Dallas Summit is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Founded in 1989

A whole, equitable and abundant community where women are full participants in decision-making.

The Dallas Summit is committed to ensuring that our membership and priorities continue to reflect the diversity of the community in which we live.  We strive to pursue equity in all we do to help create a more just, inclusive, and compassionate community.



The Dallas Summit was established in 1989 by a group of visionary Dallas women seeking a greater civic voice and leadership impact for women. Paramount to this group was the opportunity to leverage both the individual and collective actions, connections, and experiences of its members to serve as an influence for good in our community. The Dallas Summit’s active membership of more than 100 purpose-driven women leaders represents the broad range of our community’s business and civic life. Dallas Summit members, called Summit Sisters, represent diversity in age, ethnicity, political affiliation, and professional or civic leadership. They value the Dallas Summit as a forum to gather, learn about, and share ideas and information important to women in our community.

Suzanne Ahn, M.D.* Regina Montoya
Barbara Cottrell Louise Raggio*
Catalina E Garcia, M.D. Barbara Lord Watkins
Shirley Miller Virginia Whitehill*


Ruth Barnhouse, M.D.*

Patricia B. Meadows

Judge Theo Bedard*

Regina Montoya

Rebecca Bergstresser

Ruth Morgan*

Barbara Cambridge, Ph.D.*

Lori Palmer

Vivian Castleberry*

Tegwin Pulley

Rita Cox

Barbara Reagan, PhD*

Janelle Ellis

Ann Ross

Pearl Garza Fracchia

Mary Evans Sias, Ph.D.

Valerie Freeman

Susan Stahl*

Helen Giddings

Sandra Steinbech

Gail Griswold

Julia Sweeney*

Kathryn Hall

Becky Sykes

Adlene Harrison*

Gail Thomas

Sharon King

Martha Tiller

Joy Mankoff

Sandra Tinkham

Ann Margolin

Carol Vesey*



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